Youtube of games--> Yougame?

If you check out, you notice that it is a site dedicated to games where you can create, submit and play games free of charge. Jim Greer approached investors to aid in creating "videogames meet youtube." Up to date, this site currently offers 300 games that are rated by players, who can chat online as they play. A former paypal executive has become one of the investors and has stated that if thousands of people create content, really interesting things emerge. There has been a movement in user friendly content in the past couple of years where many sites have developed the youtube model. This site is currently pulling the interest of many users, although only 300 games have currently been posted, there are many users and rising to this site daily. Who knows, maybe this site will cause havoc amongst giant gaming companies such as blizzard and cause future copyright lawsuits. Maybe we'll be able to play all games for free as youtube has managed to have many of our tv content to placed on the Internet. Wow, the internet is really coming along and soon eventually will dominate all forms of entertainment and media.

The launch of kongregate.

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