1. Through thorough research, Team 007 has decided to focus on “Team Stop Deleting Us’” wikispace. The areas of focus are e-banking, hacking and cookies. The final product for “Team Stop Deleting Us” highlighted the risks pertaining to e-banking with specific focus on hacking and preventative strategies towards the protection of ones electronic safety.

2. Positives
- focus on preventative measures empowered the average internet user
- well researched with detailed explanations highlighting the parallel’s of the topics

- difficult to identify the core of the mashup- what did they want the viewer to gain from the space?
- Dense focus of negative aspects of e-banking; potentially deterring the average user’s willingness to venture into online banking
3. Hacking- “As security features get updated, hackers update themselves to learn how to bypass” (Team Stop Deleting Us). The ability of hackers is extensive, instilling fear within the e-banking community.

Cookies- “Cookies allow websites to accurately determine how many people actually visit their site, how many are new visitors versus repeat visitors, and how often a visitor visits” (Team Stop Deleting Us). The use of cookies by banks is not only to obtain consumer data. It is also used as a privacy protection method. i.e session cookies are deleted once user logs out.

E-Banking – “Many banks have created their secure online banking services through a safe 128 bit encrypted protocol such as HTTPS which highly protects the transferring of data from being accessed by unauthorized personnel” (Team Stop Deleting Us). Banks work diligently to secure the online information of its clients.

Scene 1: A revolving globe containing a moving title – E-Banking: The future of business.

Scene 2: Cartoon figure vocalizing the three concepts: E-Banking, Cookies and Hacking.

Scene 3: E-Banking concept, with an animated bank safe opening up.

Scene 4: Cookies, with rolodex created in flash counting the # of users viewing the page.

Scene 5: Hacking, with image of person sitting at a computer desk with information spewing out of monitor.

Scene 6: The final mashup: ATM with interactive buttons (pending).

5. We hope to have the scenes completed within the next few days. Depending on our capability with flash, we hope to first create an interactive final product educating the user. The written component will be added soon after.