Team 1407: Interim Report

Definitions of Topics:

Cyberspace: the conceptual space where computer networking hardware, network software and users connect together. Commonly used as another word for the 'Internet'.

E-Publishing: The use of Internet and HTML codes to display articles, text and information electronically.

Global Divide: A phenomenon of digital divide. It is the gap between developed countries that have access to the Internet and benefits from it, and Third World countries that have limited access.

Relating The Topics:

  • E-publishing uses cyberspace as a medium to deliver it's information
  • Cyberspace as the medium is the unique part about E-Publishing
  • Global Divide separates countries that are able to use cyberspace: countries with Internet will be able to use cyberspace
  • Global Divide separates countries that are able to do E-Publishing: countries with Internet will be able to do E-Publishing
  • Without Cyberspace, there would not be E-Publishing and the Global Divide

Questions to Consider:

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages for countries that have access to cyberspace vs those who don't (ie. E-Publishing)
2. What if the Global Divide gap closes or will it ever close? Will cyberspace and E-Publishing gain more importance due to the change in the gap?
3. With the power of cyberspace continuing to grow, will the Global Divide be eliminated or will the gap continue to grow?
4. Will E-Publishing be the motivation to close the gap?
5. What is the current trend in E-Publishing? Is it gaining more popularity than actual books, newspaper, etc.

Concept Mashup: Analyze the countries of the Global Divide that are able to create and view E-Publishing offered in the Cyberspace