~ Brain Storm ~ Information ~ Mash-Up ~ Evaluation of Last year's Topics ~ Post-Research After Thoughts ~

Group Members: Jawad Khan, Hamza Ahmad & Vishal Arora
Topics: Digitally Mediated Communication, Impact of Media & Electronic Money and banking



Digitally Mediated Communication + Impact of Media + Electronic Money and banking = ONE COMBINED CONCEPT MASH-UP

After receiving our three topics, we began contemplating how we can connect and ‘mash-up’ their concepts. Prior to doing any research on the topic, we must first realize what is meant by the term “mash-up”, since for all us in the Mike Jones Fan Club, it was something new. Wikipedia defines mash-up as a website or application that combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience (wikipedia, 2007). This to us, meant how does our given topics unite for a given outcome? This was an interesting question, since even though our topics may be broadly different, there must be, under some circumstance, a way in which they all combine. Thus, our initial thesis was made:

”Digital mediums for communication, have given life to the convenient, new form of Electronic-money, creating a world wide marketplace of buyers and sellers in an online community which has profoundly impacted our regular day to day transactions and monetary movements.”

Now to prove our initial thought with much needed research and investigation…

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