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The struggle to become recognized in the recording industry has always been a challenge for upcoming artists. In today’s technological rich society, the internet has become a globally connected medium, reaching across borders allowing users to access information at an international level. Utilizing the power of the internet, we have developed a website dedicated to the marketing of independent musical artists. The website allows users to present their pieces to a mass audience via the internet in an attempt to become recognized. Integrating chat functions in the form of a forum as well as protecting users from copyright infringement enables this website to creates an economic structure in this knowledge society.

Individual Pages:

(Picture Made from scratch by Sheng-Yuan Chen)

Each artist’s website will have a basic template that can be customized to a certain degree.

The Album Art:

The album selection tool is also a way for the artist to showcase their potential artwork. So even if the user does not have a hard copy of the album, the band can still illustrate in art what they think their music sounds like. Sites like Myspace.com only allow for one main picture to be prominently displayed, while the others are accessed on another page. Our album selection tool subtly exposes the user to all the album art, easily.

Navigating the Music:

When an album is clicked upon, a dropdown playlist appears. Only a number of songs from the album (depending on the artist’s discretion) will appear on the playlist. The user can listen to the whole song, but cannot download it. Embedded watermarks will be played at intervals, making illegal recordings very poor.


Different categories of ratings are shown. These vary from quality of the recording, thoughtfulness of lyrics, to melodic quality.


Below the Album selection is the band’s more personal space. There will be tabs to help browsing, with a space for the bands personal biography, pictures of the band, lyrics for the album, and most importantly, the bands forum.

The Forum:

The Forum is one of the unique aspects of the website. The bands are encouraged to be actively engaged in their forums, so there is a high level of artist-fan creativity. Forums usually consist of threads, which contain posts. The thread with the latest post is usually sent to the top of the list. We elected this form of communication instead of “comments” or “testimonials” because when you have a large number of users posting, older comments are quickly bumped from the main page and forgotten. Forums make it easier to sort through comments by organizing and categorizing them.
Two threads will always be “stickied” at the top of the forum. Another unique aspect of our website is the user contributed reviews and professional, staff contributed reviews, in which users and staff of the website have the opportunity to write a review concerning a specific band or song. These two threads in particular will be heavily moderated, with immaturity and general idiocy being unacceptable.

The Commercial Side:

When the user finds a song they like, they are given an option to download the entire album. Since the music is indie, and there are no costs for physically publishing the album, costs can be expected to be very low. The entire album has to be downloaded, because after all, the point is to get the band as much exposure as possible. However, in order to generate some form of revenue, we will collect a small percentage of commission off of any album sales. Afterall, the service we provide greatly out weighs the commission costs.
The forums are also important at this point, because if discussion is sparked about good songs on an album that are not on the free playlist, it will encourage additional consumers to download.
We will also have options to showcase certain pieces of work on the main page for a fee by the bands. This means increased revenue for us, and additional exposure for them.
In addition, record labels will have the opportunity to look at upcoming stars progress and if interested, sign selected users. Afterall, this website's main role is to promote the music of the users.


Helping users to present their work to the massive audience of the internet, Our Music has successfully promoted the demand for original music. Aiding up and coming artists in sharing their work world wide for a minimal price and a large return with the guarantee that their work will not be infringed upon gives these artists the motivation to create and share their talents with the world. The integration of our three topics – chat, copyright infringement, and economic structure of knowledge societies to develop a mass music promoting website has shed light on to a future where creative minds can work together to better the recording industry.