A1: Wiki Assignment (20%)

Students will be rewarded in three manners for their Wiki contributions:

Due Dates:
  • January 30th - February 9th - Concept Mashup Feedback
  • March 13th - March 30th - Learning Object Feedback
  • April 10th - Final edits for Wiki community building and Analysis and Reflection

Feedback on course projects (7.5%)
Both the concept mashup and learning object requirements have interim deliverables that will be posted on the wiki for student input and advice. You will have from the interim due date until the Friday preceding the final deadline to offer your own thoughts on others' work. Principles of quality feedback will be discussed in lab - but generally speaking, quality feedback is constructive, actionable, specific, timely and empathetic, and your feedback will be evaluated on those terms.

Community building and maintenance (7.5%)
Wiki's depend on regular activity on the part of students to organize the space, create regular topics of interest, provide hints and tips, ask and answer questions of relavence to the course, contribute to study notes, etc. Those who contribute quality content that make the community a more energetic and vibrant place will be rewarded in their efforts.

Analysis and Reflection (5%):
Students will also be required to provide a brief inventory of their work on the wiki and provide three specific pieces of reflection that will be provided in the middle (Mar.6) and the end of the term (Apr.10) . Please use the following template to construct your Analysis and Reflection inventory page.

Questions for reflection (due Mar 6., total for all 5 - 200-250 words)
  1. In providing feedback for the mashups, how did you decide on which proposal(s) to write about?
  2. By reading and evaluating other's work, what did you learn about your own work?
  3. How did the feedback provided by others effect your work?
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of feedback loop.
  5. Anything you think is relevant to this feedback process and possible improvements.

For April 11th - any new observations and thoughts from March 6 (150-250 words).