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A2: Concept Mashup (20%)

Due Dates
  • Interim Report - January 30th, 2007 (5%)
  • Feedback - Jan 30th - Feb 9, 2007 (7.5% - part of wiki assignment) (two versions of notes on CASTE feedback model here and here.)
* Final Mashup - February 16th, 2007 (15%)

In teams of 2-3, students will be given a series of randomly assigned specific articles from last year's wiki. The goal will be to analyze the works assigned, assess their value and importance, discover potential conceptual connections of interest among these concepts, and present a reconstitued written 'mashup' representing the conncetions drawn among these concepts. Specific details, group formation and assignment of content will happen in lab periods early in the semester in lab.

A potential process for investigation may include:
  1. Brainstorm meanings and possible associations to your topics
  2. Investigate and evaluate last year's wiki as possible starting points
  3. Expand your research to other sources (articles, websites, journals, newspapers, etc)
  4. List any questions arising from your investigations
  5. Outline possible new directions for final integration
Post your interim report in your group wiki page.

Here's a definition of mashup according to Wikipedia

Here's an interesting link of an example of mashup. This might help you understand more.

Next Step of the Concept Mashup Process:

Make comments on group wiki's under the 'discussion' section of their pages...

Feedback Loop:

  • make comments that will help push each group forward (not backwards). Avoid insults!
** Example: "Great site design" - doesn't further along the process. Be specific!
  • >>

  • making comments specific and feasible.
  • Suggestions that can be acted upon for improvements.

  • Be specific with regards to comments. WHAT do groups need to improve on?

  • Make comments early in the time period to provide each group with the criticism they need. Don't leave comments to the last minute

  • The difference between criticism (voice own opinion) and critique (build empathetic bond with group - see viewpoints from their perspective)
* Critique makes feedback constructive
  • Think about how you will word your comments