Due Date:
  • Continual work throughout the semester - April 3rd, 2007 (in lecture)

CCT205 involves many topics of importance to CCIT, and will also incorporate a series of guest speakers whose perspectives on issues of digital innovation and culture are both relavent and fascinating. Lecture attendance is thus encouraged and rewarded through a compilation of a learning journal.

All guest lecturers and a few of Prof. Jone's lectures will be treated as opportunities for reflection in your learning journal. The journal must contain at least 5 entries of 250 - 300 words each based on these reflection opportunities, offering your reflections and analysis of course related concepts. Creativity, introspection and links to outside material and ideas are encouraged.

A full list of reflection questions (which will equal 7 in total, to allow for some choice in reflection opportunities and for times when you simply could not attend lecture) will be released on the course wiki for reference. Those topics can be found here.