Hamza Ahmad

For: April 11, 2007

At the beginning of the year when Prof Jones first introduced Wikispaces, I was skeptical and not too enthusiastic about it.
Then as the year went by I started to notice all the benefits and opportunities of wikispaces. It was unique from all my other
course websites because it promoted interactivity. Other course websites such as blackboard simply post information and
messages on the course website and we as passive viewers have no choice but to simply view the information. Wikispaces
on the other hand allowed me to edit pages, add and post my own information where I saw appropriate. This experience thus
enhanced my learning experience as I felt more actively involved in the involvement of my own learning. Wikispaces also
helped by promoting an amusing atmosphere. Instead of a course website it felt more like an online community and I felt
apart of something special.
The topic of the second project the learning object was chosen by me for our group. I felt that we needed to pick something
interesting yet clear to us. When I was giving feedback to other groups for their learning objects, I decided to to go through
random groups and then pick and provide feedback to those groups which had relatively low feedback provided to them. Also
by evaluating other peoples work I learned that too much information about the topics was not needed but instead the clarity
of the few good points was a much better approach. Other people providing feedback for us was also crucial to our projects
development. This gave us guidelines as well as filled in the important gaps to make our proposal whole...even the smallest
feedback mattered. I recall this one feedback that we received telling us to simply use the word 'leap frogging" to talk about
the skipping of previous technologies straight to the new ones by developing countries.
Overall I found wikispaces a very useful and unique way of being taught a course. It took me away from all the academic
institutional ways of education yet allowed me to learn and grow as a student and participant in a web based society.

For: March 6, 2007

Major Contributions

Minor Contributions

  • Helped with the contents and information on this page (link)
  • Helped with the contents and information on this page (link)
  • Helped with the contents and information on this page (link)
  • Helped with the contents and information on this page (link)
  • Helped with the contents and information on this page (link)
  • Provided feedback for the group (Pow!)
  • Provided feedback for the group (theflyingaces)
  • Commented on our groups feedback


This was my first experience using wikispaces. Even though I have used wipapedia, in this past, I had no idea of its capabilities Wikispaces, is truly a very fascinating site. It allows you to edit other peoples work and contributions as well as add your own. I found this site highly efficient, easy, and fun to maneuver through. It is also very good for information and links. For example, I found it very useful to simply link a page which I found useful to the topic being discussed, whether the links were internal or external. Overall I give wikispaces two thumbs up so far, and hope to contribute more to it in the future as I am getting more efficient in using wikispaces. When it came time to providing feedback for other goups, It was difficult to pick out a certain topic since so many were interesting. In the end however, I chose to provide feedback on the topics which interested me the most and on which I had some knowledge so I could provide contrsuctive feed back. By evaluating and reading other people's work, I understood more clearly what was expected and to be gained out of this assignment. At first our mashup was really disorganized and we had no clue where to put what, then as we started reading through and evauating other groups' mashup's this all became clear and we were able to make improvement on ours. As other's provided feedback on our work, this really clued us in and pointed us in the right direction. We got good strong feedback from most of our admirers, which poked at our strengths and weaknesses. For e.g somebody mentioned about us creating seperate pages and links in between our topics, so the reader would not have to keep scrolling down to read. Another commented about our creativity and excellent pictures we had. This encouraged and motivated us to take pride in our work and keep working even harder on our assignment. The feedback process is an excellent way to evaluate and comment on other people's work. It is unbiased and posses no threat or danger to the commentator as they can remain anonymous. TWO THUMBS UP!! to the feedback process.