CCT205: Digital Innovation and Cultural Transformation...


  • We examine the problems caused by the introduction of digital and computing technologies to modern culture
  • Cover a range of topics from:
    • the social and cultural outcomes of media convergence to
    • the effects of the digital revolution in communications technologies to
    • the impact of miniaturization on the application of computing technologies along with
    • the relevance of virtual environments and
    • the interplay between pre-industrial, industrial and information cultures

Just a heads up to everyone: The final marks for CCT205 are now up on ROSI

To view/pick up projects and grades, go to the pro-shop sometime after April 24th. From what I understand, marks have to be input by then, so give them some time to drop off our work and then I guess we can see them.

What did everyone think of the test? Post your thoughts and suggestions HERE.